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Ava Evergreen Cemetery

Ava Evergreen Cemetery Photo

Ava, Jackson County, Illinois

This is not a complete listing of the Cemetery
Tombstones that we have photographs of are listed here.
BROOKS, Minne A. (nee QUALLS)15Jan1888-17Apr1966 Q-V Page
CARTER, Adeline (nee KING)1895-1956
C-F Page
CASTEEL, Caledonia D. "Callie" (nee MANOR)11Jun1863-7Apr1932 C-F Page
CASTEEL, Essie M. (nee TOW)23Jan1903-22Mar1986 C-F Page
CASTEEL, George H.8Oct1900-18Mar1948 C-F Page
CASTEEL, James A.8Jan1860-6Apr1919 C-F Page
CASTEEL, Katherine B. (nee SCHOTT)12Jun1907-_?_ C-F Page
CASTEEL, Rebecca Eliza (nee POSTON)17May1840-21Apr1915 C-F Page
CASTEEL, William H.30Apr1904-17July1982 C-F Page
CRAIN, M & E's baby boy26Jul1908-4Aug1908 C-F Page
CRAIN, M & E's baby girl17Apr1900-17Apr1900 C-F Page
DENNIS, Margaret Jane (nee PARKHILL)5Feb1836-1Feb1874 see Parkhill
DUFF, Ruth Burnell1916-1918 C-F Page
FOX, Joseph E.19Feb1892-23Feb1966 C-F Page
FOX, Ruby Wright (nee ? WRIGHT)1Oct1893-8Dec1949 C-F Page
GARVER, Grace D.1888-1967 G-L Page
GARVER, James Hansford1866-1954 G-L Page
GARVER, Malinda Castillia (nee MODGLIN)1869-1949 G-L Page
GARVER, Ross17Jan1895-16Dec1962 G-L Page
      [prev. marr.=KAIN]
29Jan1896-14Dec1974 G-L Page
GARVER, Walter H.1889-1957 G-L Page
GARVER, Walter L. "Wally"5Jul1940-10Nov1994 G-L Page
GILLESPIE, Isabel (nee PARKHILL)1839-1884 see Parkhill
GLENN, Dorothy C.30May1864-5Aug1950 G-L Page
GLENN, Thomas M.29Jun1864-3Mar1944 G-L Page
GRAFF, Kenneth14Oct1904-14Nov1994 G-L Page
GRAFF, Ruth (nee McBRIDE)10May1910-8Sep1985 G-L Page
GRIFFIN, Hazel H.1899-1996 G-L Page
GRIFFIN, John E.1896-1973 G-L Page
JARRETT, Ben T.4Feb1883-8Jul1930 G-L Page
JARRETT, Howard D.1906-1969 G-L Page
JARRETT, Lula R.12Sep1883-5Oct1963 G-L Page
KAIN, Perry15Dec1895-26Mar1941 G-L Page
KAIN, Vida (nee CASTEEL)
      [2nd marr.=GARVER]
29Jan1896-14Dec1974 G-L Page
KING, Lester20Feb1901-1Feb1990 G-L Page
KING, Maud (nee REIMON)17Apr1904-27Jan1989 G-L Page
KING, Sarah Belle29Jun1898-17May1977 see POSTON
KING, Timothy17Aug1876-2Jul1903 G-L Page
KOEN, John C.1889-1965 G-L Page
KOEN, Rebecca A.1888-1965 G-L Page
KOEN, Wilma R.1914-1971 G-L Page
LOONEY, Emma3Mar1856 - 31Jan1941 G-L Page
LOONEY, Robert R.13Mar1851 - 7Jan1921 G-L Page
MANOR, Albert D.1900-1952 M Page
MANOR, Augusta E.1867-1912 M Page
MANOR, Bertha B. (nee BARTLETT)1907-1991 M Page
MANOR, Caledonia D. "Callie"11Jun1863-7Apr1932 see CASTEEL
MANOR, Christianna (nee_?_ Hankel)1837-1916 M Page
MANOR, David1837-1918 M Page
MANOR, David L.1869-1939 M Page
MANOR, George W.4Aug1865-24Nov1940 M Page
MANOR, Ida T.13Mar1880-30Jun1962 M Page
MANOR, Lester D.24Aug1932-20Oct1968 M Page
MODGLIN, Malinda Castillia [marr=GARVER]1869-1949 G-L Page
McBRIDE, Amma D. Pyron2Apr1880-11Jul1959 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Belle Henson12Jan1862 10Mar1911 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Ben F.17Oct1856-19Jan1960 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Chas. A.1890-_?_ Mc Page
McBRIDE, Cosa23Aug1899-20Sep1976 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Edward L.28Mar1873-5Feb1957 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Ernest1907-1911 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Evelyn K.1920-1963 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Francis Clifton1Sep1923-9Jan1996 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Fred12Oct1877-10Mar1966 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Fred Pyron17Sep1919-11Aug1978 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Ivan28Dec1919-6Sep1990 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Katherine1867-1930 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Kenneth E.13Feb1963-25Aug1989 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Luther M.1882-1968 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Margaret J.27Feb1884-19Jan1952 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Mary Esther1919-1920 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Mary Etta1889-1974 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Melba June Pugh28Apr1926-___ Mc Page
McBRIDE, Nancy E.  Mc Page
McBRIDE, Permelia A.1847-1924 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Pheobe J.1872-1931 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Rebecca1Feb1866-6Feb1919 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Rolla  Mc Page
McBRIDE, Ruby D.10Aug1931-___ Mc Page
McBRIDE, Ruth10May1910-8Sep1985 see GRAFF
McBRIDE, U. Burton1871-1955 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Vernon W.16Nov1916-3Sep1972 Mc Page
McBRIDE, W & K's baby girl3Jul1906-3Jul1906 Mc Page
McBRIDE, William O.1863-1931 Mc Page
McBRIDE, William T.1866-1939 Mc Page
McBRIDE, Zelpha18Mar1918-18Feb1949 Mc Page
McLAUGHLIN, Frank W.1910-1989 Mc Page
McLAUGHLIN, Helen L.1908-1984 Mc Page
PARKHILL, Adam1782-1845 P Page
PARKHILL, Hamilton1841-1Feb1907 P Page
PARKHILL, Isabel1839-1884 P Page
PARKHILL, John5Oct1884-31Jul1903 P Page
PARKHILL, Margaret Jane5Feb1836-1Feb1874 P Page
PARKHILL, Maria6Jun1827-11Nov1872 P Page
PARKHILL, Martha1Mar1804-28Jun1875 P Page
PARKHILL, Mary E.15Nov1839-18Aug1841 P Page
PARKHILL, Matilda2Dec1822-15Mar1900 P Page
PARKHILL, Morrison1842-28Dec1907 P Page
PHOENIX, Frederick15May1825-27Aug1902 P Page
PHOENIX, Caroline9Aug1829-2Mar1891 P Page
PIKE, Eliza2Aug1843-6Jul1912 P Page
PIKE, Hattie O.1892-1953 P Page
PIKE, Murry A.1875-1931 P Page
PIKE, Tessie16Jun1860-4Oct1861 P Page
PIKE, W & E's baby boy22Aug1861-23Aug1861 P Page
PIKE, W & E's baby boy (2)1Jun1863-1Jun1863 P Page
PIKE, William B.19Jan1822-4Jun1894 P Page
PINKERTON, Anna M.1893-1943 P Page
PINKERTON, Fred W.1892-1973 P Page
POSTON, Homer Oscar10Jan1899-21Jan1940 P Page
POSTON, Kenneth Earl20Apr1921-3Jan1945 P Page
POSTON, Rebecca Eliza17May1840-21Apr1915 see Casteel
POSTON, Sarah Belle (nee KING)29Jun1898-17May1977 P Page
QUALLS, Hannah B.1878-1930 Q-V Page
QUALLS, Ida E.10Sep1892-30Jul1980 Q-V Page
QUALLS, Margaret C.15Sep1852-9Aug1924 Q-V Page
QUALLS, Minne A. Qualls15Jan1888-17Apr1966 see BROOKS
QUALLS, Owen C.27Jan1890-14Feb1950 Q-V Page
QUALLS, Thomas H.13June1852-9Feb1945 Q-V Page
QUALLS, Walter L.1876-1930 Q-V Page
REIMAN, Charles T5Aug1870-27May1937 Q-V Page
REIMAN, Elizabeth25Sep1914-_?_ Q-V Page
REIMAN, Oscar A.4Aug1906-1Apr1976 Q-V Page
ROGERS, James B.1876-1955 Q-V Page
ROGERS, Lillie G.1878-1966 Q-V Page
ROGERS, Mary L.1879-1944 Q-V Page
ROGERS, Otto L.1869-1944 Q-V Page
ROGERS, Rigdon D.4Nov1898-22Jan1906 Q-V Page
SANE, Dorothy C.30May1864-5Aug1950 see GLENN
SANE, William G.1857-1916 Q-V Page
ULMER, Maria (nee PARKHILL)6Jun1827-11Nov1872 see PARKHILL
WORTHEN, Ruth I.12Oct1901-2Mar1911 W-Z Page
WORTHEN, Vira1878-1946 W-Z Page
WORTHEN, Walter1877-1951 W-Z Page
WRIGHT, Alberta1934-1953 W-Z Page
WRIGHT, Belle-Phoenix1865-1907 W-Z Page
WRIGHT, Calvin1935-1936 W-Z Page
WRIGHT, Daisy E.15Oct1877-17Apr1940 W-Z Page
WRIGHT, Eula M.1907-1976 W-Z Page
WRIGHT, Mary19Mar1862-17Apr1914 W-Z Page
WRIGHT, MattAbt. 1865 -Apr1955 W-Z Page
WRIGHT, R.18May1850-5Feb1941 W-Z Page
WRIGHT, Rolla1879-1956 W-Z Page

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