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Biographical Sketches of those buried in
Zion Cemetery, Bradley Township, Jackson County, Illinois
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Biography of John Moore Family

Residents of Bradley Township, Jackson Co., Illinois About 1838 to 1865

      Five of the tombstones that have been identified in the Zion Cemetery of Bradley Township can be connected with the John and Sarah MOORE family. It is possible that at least one other members of this family may be buried here also. The five people are John MOORE Jr., Edmond B. MOORE, Ida L. MOORE, Susan A. LITLE, and Sarah E. LITLE.
      The other possibility is Susan MOORE. Susan died in 1841 while the family was living in Jackson County, so it seems likely that she would have been buried here also.
      The following is a brief biography of the John and Sarah MOORE family before, during, and after their nearly 30 year stay in Jackson County, Illinois.
SOURCE: Family Bible of John and Sarah MOORE. This Bible appears to have belonged to John and Sarah based on the fact that the recordings of marriages and deaths appear to have been entered over a period of several years. Most of the dates and locations of births, marriages, and deaths were obtained from this Bible. These dates coincide with dates listed on census records and gravestones. The Bible was handed down through descendants of their son Thomas, and is currently in the possession of Thomas' great-granddaughter, Sylvia PYLE.
      John MOORE sailed from the county of Leitrim, Ireland on the 5th day of April 1818 and landed on the 11th of May 1818 in the city of Portland, Maine. Between 1818 and 1824, John met Sarah JONES who was also from Ireland. How and where they met is a mystery. It is this author's belief that Sarah was the daughter of Charles and Sarah JONES who also lived in Jackson Co. This belief is based on the fact that a Sarah Moore is mentioned as his eldest daughter and a beneficiary of his will. Also, Charles is reported to have resided in the same county where John and Sarah were married prior to moving to Jackson Co.
      After John and Sarah were married in Pittsburg, PA they lived in Beaver County, PA where Edward was born in 1824. Next, they moved to Columbiana County, PA where William was born. Between 1826 and 1828 they migrated to Trumbull County, Ohio where John, Susan, Margaret, Thomas, and Charles were born. Around 1838 the family moved on to Jackson County, IL as indicated by the birth records for Robert and other information that follows.
      According to Shiloh School Minutes covering the period from 1836 to 1850, on February 18, 1839, John Moore was elected as a trustee of the Shiloh School District which had been formed in 1836. The Shiloh school was built in the area between Shiloh Hill and Bradley. Based on copies of the meeting minutes, it appears that John was an active member of the school board until 1848.
      John MOORE and his family appear on the 1840 census for Jackson County, IL. Even though the names of other family members are not given, the number of people in the specific age and sex groups match what is known about the family. The census was apparently taken before the birth of Robert in September 1840. On the 1850 census, John's occupation is listed as a stone mason. His age is shown as 55. Living in the house are his wife Sarah, 50, and children William 24, Margaret 16, Thomas 14, Charles 12, and Robert 9. They were living in the Bradley post office area which is known today as Campbell Hill, IL.
      The 1860 Census for Jackson County, IL shows that John, Sarah, William, Robert, and Margaret (Litle) were still living near Bradley Township area. John's age is listed as 67 and occupation is a farmer. Sarah's age is 56, William is 32 and Robert is 19. Margaret LITLE (spelled LITTLE) is living with her parents along with her two daughters, Ellen (Margaret E.) age 4 and Susan age 3. It appears that Arch LITLE may have died prior to this census.
      Also shown living in the same area on the 1860 census is Thomas MOORE age 24 (sixth child of John & Sarah) and his wife Mary Anna HARRIS, age 19. Only one son, William (shown as age 2), is listed. Edward is not listed, however he was born in 1858 and William was born in 1860. This appears to be an error on the census takers part.
      Based on the census records for 1860 and 1870, it appears that most of this MOORE family moved from Illinois to Dade or Greene County, Missouri in the late 1860s.
      John and Sarah are listed as living with William and Martha J. MOORE on the 1870 census for Polk Township, Dade County. Sarah died in 1872 and John Died in 1882. John does not appear on any 1880 census records for Dade or Greene counties, so his whereabouts at that time are not known.
      Margaret MOORE, fifth child of John and Sarah, married Archibald LITLE on May 8, 1851. Margaret MOORE LITLE appears on the 1860 Census for Jackson County, IL as living with John and Sarah MOORE. Her age is shown as 24 and two daughters are also shown, Ellen age 4 and Susan age 3. Information provided by Wayne & Marie HINTON of Gillespie, Illinois shows that a Susan A. LITLE and Sarah E. LITLE are both buried together in Zion Cemetery, Bradley Township, Jackson Co., IL. The tombstone for Susan shows her parents as A. & M. LITLE. Also, based on the 1860 census, it appears that Arch LITLE may have died between 1857 and 1860. Margaret is buried in Sinking Creek Cemetery, near Everton, Dade Co., Missouri alongside her daughter Margaret Ellen and her parents John and Sarah MOORE.
      Three other descendants of John and Sarah MOORE are also buried in Zion Cemetery. One is John MOORE, their third son. He was born September 11, 1826 in Youngstown, Ohio and died September 19,1855 in Bradley TWP. John was married to Mary Ann BURKE on October 25, 1849in Randolph Co., IL. John and Mary are not listed on the 1850 census records for Jackson Co. After the death of her husband, Mary became the third wife of William CARTER on April 5, 1864 in Jackson County. From the 1870 census records for Bradley P.O., Jackson Co., we learn that John and Mary Moore had at least three children, Edmond, Mary Jane, and John. This would be the Edmond B. MOORE (Dec. 3, 1850 - Sept. 6, 1876) who is also buried in Zion Cemetery.
      The third descendant buried in Zion Cemetery is Ida L. MOORE, the sixth child of Edward H. and Frances Jane (MURPHY) MOORE. She was born in Bradley Twp. on May 6, 1864 and died Aug. 10, 1865. Edward was the first child of John and Sarah. Other siblings of Ida Moore who were born in Bradley Township area are: Sarah J. (Aug. 1850); Ellen (abt. 1853); Charles (abt. 1855); Emma (abt 1858); James P. (abt. 1862); and Sally Alice (abt. 1866). This family moved on to Greene County, MO around 1867.
      Another child of John and Sarah MOORE, Susan, died on September 21, 1841 at the age of 10 years, 7 months. Since the family was living in Bradley Township at the time, she may also be buried in Zion Cemetery. Susan was their fourth child.
      If you have any comments or questions concerning any of the above information,
please contact: Ken Soper Kenneth H. Soper e-mail: Kensoper@aol.com
Updated December 28, 1998
We would like to Thank Ken for supplying this information. We also appreciate the help Ken and the others who have us gather data for compiling biographies and data for the tombstones we have located in Zion Cemetery.
Wayne & Marie Hinton

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